Ninja Sex Party Under the Covers Volume 3

Ninja Sex Party

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Album: Under the Covers Volume 3

Release date: Nov 15th 2019


Super duper excited to talk about this album because of how great it actually turned out. Now if you are familiar with NSP you know that they not only write their own music but have 2 (now 3) other albums were they cover their favorite 70’s, 80’s and 90’s jams called Under the Covers. They just released volume three and it had some really great things going for it that are worth talking about. 

I normally don’t do this but below I have inserted the set list so you guys can see the songs that were covered. The band picks songs that defined a generation but don’t always follow the style of that song.  If they want to keep it classic they will or if they want to give it a little NSP flare they will. Image result for nsp under the covers vol. 3 songs

As you read this list you can mentally HEAR at least 85% of these songs. This set list was just so good and I can’t stress that enough. Compared to the other Under the Covers I personally think this volume has had the best set list. Some of the songs on their other albums, although classic, you just hear all the time and they just are not enjoyable when played by ANY band (Pour Some Sugar on Me from Under the Covers Volume 2, I am talking to you). 

Most of the songs had just the right amount of NSP flare without destroying the original version. Songs like We Built this City and Down Under were songs I have never been a huge fan of but my mind has been changed after hearing these versions. There is a little more synth sound and just a little more of a sound that these songs needed in their prime. My favorite songs on the album were Sledgehammer and Always Something there to Remind Me. First off, these are two songs from my childhood that I just tend to think about a lot; they bring back some really great memories for me. So naturally, these are two of my favorite songs so seeing them on the set list I was just like ‘Alright I am ready to judge the hell out of these and find everything wrong with them’ but there was nothing bad to say about them. They didn’t have as much NSP style to them and I think that out of all the songs these were two really good choices to keep as classic as possible. 

The one down fall was their rendition of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by. Blue Öyster Cult.  IT… WAS…REALLY…BAD!!! Oh lord I wanted to give it a chance but it wasn’t working. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper is a really awesome song that just has this beat to it that makes you want to keep listening; it’s a song that just hits differently ya’know? WELL, they thought they could make it into this very slow poetic piece which is not what this song is at all! I mean although its a good song, it’s a little eerie and creepy when it is fast and played at normal tempo; THINK OF IT SLOWN DOWN!! It was almost…scary. The song just kept going on and on and I just wanted it to be over. But the real kicker is that the last verse they sped it up and got things bumping like in the original song which was not okay. They didn’t have the right to get cool at the end of the song!! You butchered the first half, don’t be the cool uncle and try to save the end. And this was also the last song on the album so it ended on just a really horrible note which was a little disappointing. 

Overall I did really like this album no matter what emotions I may have expressed in that last paragraph. The songs were great and most of them were executed really well but I do wish (Don’t Fear) The Reaper would have been something a little better; I would give this album a 4.5/5. It was overall just really good and something I really liked listening to. 

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