Joker Review


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Release Date: Oct 4th 2019

Directed by: Todd Phillips 


I have never really been into the whole superhero thing like Batman, Superman and The Avengers. But, I wanted to put those feelings aside because this was a movie I wanted to see because it simply looked good. I know I am a little late in the game but October is a busy time so I just got the chance to see this masterpiece that didn’t make me think once about the superhero universe.

First off, the overall plot was really well developed but it took a little bit to get going. I think the final movie time was about 2 hours and 3 minutes and I really started to get into it after the first like hour/hour and fifteen minutes. BUT even though it took a little while, everything in that first hour really built up to the overall climax of the story; so yes it was a little boring for a while but it was boring for a reason I guess. It was a really smart movie though which I really liked. It wasn’t as simple as, “Here is this weirdo who is a clown for a living and now he has the taste of blood” but it was really detailed about WHY he was a weirdo and WHY he worked as a clown. This was really interesting to me cuz I feel like in a lot of movies that describe a characters past, they either give WAAAAY too much info that is totally stupid and un-needed or they don’t give you anything cuz the screenwriter wanted you to ‘Interpret the ending for yourself.’ Everything that was part of this story happened for a reason and I feel like I haven’t seen a movie like that is a hot minute!

Joaquin Phoenix…oh oh Joaquin Phoenix. Just wow. This was one of the greatest performances I have ever seen and it just blew my mind. The character of The Joker is this very emotionally disturbed person and Phoenix created a whole new meaning to the words emotionally disturbed! He nailed the Joker laugh too which was just creepy as hell. It was an outstanding preference and he really brought life and dimension to The Joker. 

I’m not gonna talk about the whole soundtrack, but at the end, Joker is being taken away in a cop car while there is just like a riot in the street. During this time the song White Room by Cream plays and it just bumped up the awesomeness of that moment. Music can go a long way in a movie!

Overall I really liked this movie and I didn’t feel like it was just created for superhero fans but for everyone; I would give it an 8/10. Although I thought it was a little slow to start, all those things did really help the plot and really helped the turning point of the movie make an impact. 

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