Soft Cell… Lets talk about it

Album: Non-stop Eroric Cabaret

By: Soft Cell

Release date: sometimes in 1981

So everyone knows the classic song Tanted Love and it is a song I know everyone of you has totally bumped to in your car. Well did you know that Soft Cell actually wrote more music than that? They wrote this good ol’ record called Non-stop Eroric Cabaret which when you think about it is an awesome name for a record and after the name you look at the art and you are SOLD! How couldn’t this album just be the best!?!??! Well I’m gonna make this review as blunt as possible… TRASh!!!!!! That’s it. I wanted to review this album but I couldn’t even get past through side A. It was that bad; it was the worst thing I’ve ever heard and this is more of a warning than a review. Let me know what you guys think if you are brave enough to actually listen to this record. I will be reviewing a REAL album very soon but wanted to throw out this short one for now.

Stay tuned

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