Blink 182, NINE album review

Album: NINE

Artist: Blink 182

Release date: Sept 20th 2019

It is here, another Blink 182 album and let’s start with the fact that I am actually really pleased with this album! I was real nervous just because I feel like some great bands have been dropping crap lately so I felt like Blink was maybe gonna follow that pattern… but they didn’t! I’m not gonna say that this album was perfect (or as good as California😏😏) but I was really pleased with this record.

Right from the get go we are rocking out with the song The First Time. It really brings out that somewhat “new” Blink 182 that we were introduced to with California but the original feel of a crappy punk band talking about growing up. This is a theme that follows almost every song in this album which is good and bad. If you shuffled all of Blink 182’s songs you could just tell all the songs that came off this album apposed to their other records. It is very consistent but it’s a good sound overall.

The first time I listened to this album I just wasn’t feeling it (get it Blink 182 fans?) but after a second listen I relized what a gem this record is. Blink 182 has been around for 20plus years and every sound they have every made pops out in this album. It’s like a musical time-line.

There are so many amazing songs on this album such as Ransom, Pin the Grenade, Heaven, On Some Emo Shit and my personal favorites are Blame IT On My Youth and Darkside. Darkside was the first song that they released off this album. Both these songs showcase everything I want out of Blink 182. These are real kick ass sounding songs that I could listen to all day and I think both of them talk about Blink 182s sound and how they want to try new things without being some gross pop like rap group (EXPESHALLY heard through Blame IT On My Youth).

Overall I think this album was pretty good. Again, not as good as their other stuff but this album really does a good job showing off the original roots of the band and the new age sound they are trying to sprinkle in. I give this record a 3.5/5. It was not bad but didn’t blow my mind! I think this album worked better for Matt Skiba than California because he was kinda the replacement Tom at the time but now he’s really starting to be “part” of Blink 182. Go give it a listen and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think in the comments!!

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