Ma Review

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Release Date: May 31st 2019

Directed By: Tate Taylor

Screenplay: Scotty Landas 


I FINALLY got the chance to go see Ma last night with my grandpa for his birthday and all I am gonna say is that this movie did not disappoint at all!

Middle aged Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) ends up befriending a group a teens and giving them a place to hang out, her basement. After weird things start to happen with Sue Ann who they now just refer to as Ma, the teens think it is a good idea to stop taking to her and stay clear. Ma feels left out and left behind leaving her to strike revenge on her teen friends and the other people living in her town.

The script and the plot for this movie was well written; it was acually remarkable to be honest! The whole backstory of Ma was really sad and there were so many times that you just felt bad for her. This was really smart because it gave you that connection with the character of Ma and let you inside of her head so when she started going crazy you knew her motives causing things to flow a lot better. There are also many unexpected twists and turns that this movie’s plot takes. Most times in horror movies, all this stuff happens and nothing ever adds up, but for Ma there is a lot of stuff that goes on but it eventually all works together really nicely creating a really great story. 

 I thought that movie was scary due to the fact that it felt so real. Ma went to school with all the teens parents and coming from a small town like mine that is very common. She was also getting into their social media sites and stocking them at school. All of that just seemed to easy to do and that is why I think I thought it was scary. Ma didn’t put a ton of effort into her plans and had all the kids wrapped around her within seconds! 

The acting was great too. Octavia Spencer brought an amazing performance just like she does in all the movies and that was really important to the role she played here. Sue Ann/Ma was such a character that it was a role that couldn’t just be half-assed; nobody else could have played this part like Spencer did. She gave you all the emotions that you were meant to feel throughout the movie not just the horror aspect. 

Overall I loved this movie and it was phenomenal! The plot was there and it struck fear into me because of the realness that came along with the story; I would give it a 9/10. It was great to see in theaters so if you are interested go see it now before it is too late! This movie just really slapped and I think it is also going to show the world how easy it is for weird old woman to obsess over teens and that teens need to use their heads instead of their hands and feet. 

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