End of the year memes

MITCH EVETT!!! I am so happy for you since you’re getting married, but SO MAD. I never got the chance to call you Mitch. I was leaning on the idea that you’d be at Tanner’s grad party and I could say it there and yet you weren’t. Understandable, you were at your five day reunion??? Five days???? Okay Olaf, go off lol. Well sadly it sounds like I’ll never get the chance to call you Mitch. I’m trying to ignore that this is because I’ll never see you again, but oh whale, for now I’ll just never get to call you Mitch and maybe I’ll see you again. Until that day, bye bitches. I’m headed to Iowa!!! Whoop go CYCLONES!!!!
Sincerely, Bridget Rose Carlson- future history teacher of the year and cymbals bitch


This was a rant that one of my best friends Bridget had today  regarding our band teacher who has left us and moved to California. She just wanted to be heard so that is why I am posting this. To go along with this rant, I wanted to put out some memes that are appropriate for my last two days of Junior year. Anyone who is in school right now will appreciate these memes and anyone who isn’t in school, you might not understand.


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