Week 22 First movie in a series

Child’s PlayImage result for child's play 1988

Release Date: Nov 9th 1988

Directed By: Tom Holland 

Story by: Don Mancini 



I have never ever seen this movie cuz I was too scared of dolls for the longest time, but I am an independent 17 year old girl that may or may not still sleeps with the lights on; it was time for me to watch this cheesy 80s movie.

First off, WHY IS ABSOLUTE GODS NAME WOULD YOU BUY THIS SATANIC DOLL FOR YOUR CHILD!!!???!?!?!?! Even if this thing wasn’t controlled by a serial killer, it would still not be aloud in my house. Take a moment: Would you allow your child to get this?(And let me also remind you, he talks and his head and eyes MOVE) That’s what I thought! 

Image result for chucky doll

No, the movie was pretty good though.  I do like the idea that the doll has a background and is controlled by a serial killer and just isn’t a doll that came to life. I also liked that the whole voodoo behind the doll was explained. It wasn’t just the guy saying some spell and that was it; they acually went back to the source and described the whole richual.

The acting was….80s acting. They tried their best so that is all that matters I guess. But the real champ of this movie was Andy… this was one of the cutest little kids I have ever freaking seen and his acting was acually very genuine. Like in some horror movies with little kids, they are overworked and they are obviously acting but Alex Vincent (Andy) was telling it like it was. It sounded like he was literally terrified by what was happening to him and his family and I respect him for that.

Overall I really liked this movie and I am glad I watched it before the new one comes out. I would give it a 8/10; it is a classic and for the times this movie was scary. The new one looks…interesting let me just say that. But I will go see it and you know there will be a review on it! 

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