Week 21 A movie based on a graphic novel or comic book

Scott Pilgrim VS. The WorldImage result for Scott pilgrim vs the world movie

Release Date:  Aug 13th 2010

Directed By: Edgar Wright

Based on the comics, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World





YAY!!! I am writing about a movie I watched for my 52 week challenge (it may not be in order but at least I watched one of them)! I have been waiting forever to watch this movie and they finally put it on Netflix (like 4 months ago) and I knew I was gonna watch it for this weeks movie.

I really liked this movie because in short, it is a movie about nerds in love. Scott works so hard to get the love of his life, Ramona by fighting all of her crazy exes. He literally fights them using video game fighting tactics and it is awesome!

My favorite thing about this movie is the effects because they are meant to replicate video games and comic books. Every Time there was a fight scene there were glowing backgrounds, point systems, action words popping up on the screen and the iconic video game voice yelling FINISH HIM! That sounds dumb in theory but the way that it was executed in this movie was great! 

I love the guy that plays Scott and always have. He just seems so awkward and because of this he played the roll of Scott really well. I also think that the roommate ( Kieran Culkin) was the best minor character! He brought some sarcastic comic relief when Scott needed it the most. 

Overall, I loved this movie and it was just funny! The whole idea was super awesome, exciting and was executed perfectly. It was so nerdy and I really liked that because I related so much to the nerd and the awkwardness in Scott’s personality. I would give this movie a 9/10. It was well executed, the acting was good and the effects really slapped!!

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