The Lodge. Good or Bad

Okay so about a week ago a movie trailer dropped for a movie called The Lodge. I watched this trailer and I have a lot of thoughts about it and it needed to be talked about. Before you continue reading I suggest that you watch the trailer so you understand what is really going on.


Pro #1

Most scary movies with little kids are pretty good. In the words of my Grandpa, “I love movies with creepy little kids.” And I would like to note these are not just any kids but that the boy is played by the one and only JAEDEN LIEBERHER!!!!!!!!!! He plays Stuttering Bill in IT:Part 1!! He is great and he is an awesome actor so I think that will help out this movie a lot.

Pro #2

The girlfriend was in a cult!! I am fascinated with cults and all the things that happen in cults so I was kinda excited to see that that was the idea happening. There is so many ways you can go with this idea: She was a person born into it just trying to get out but it comes back to haunt here or she is still an active member who is trying to hurt and or recruit her new boyfriend and his kids. I am very interested in where this idea will go.

Con #1

There is a lot of stuff going on it seems like. The dad has a new girlfriends, they are in the scary woods, spending time in a weird cabin, the girlfriend is crossing boundaries with the kid and their deceased (assuming) mom, it is snowing like crazy, the girlfriend is emotionally unstable and was in a cult. There are so many different things going on the ideas could conflict and create a stupid movie. 

Con #2

This movie (in my opinion) is resembling The Shining. Now I am not saying that it is 100% but the scenery and some of the ideas are giving me that Overlook Hotel vibe. When the girlfriend is walking through the snow in her blanket crying, it is basically Wendy stumbling around trying to get her barlings straight when her and Danny are running through the maze. It just looks like there is a lot of similar elements and The Shining is something that can’t ever be redone (I am looking right into your eyes Stephen King and your stupid rendition) cuz it was so good the first time around. 

Con #3

Stuff like this has been done many times before. Kids meeting their parents new significant other and something is fishy with them and did I mention they are in the middle of freaking nowhere! It is something that we have seen before. I want something new and different like Us, The Witch, and Pet Sematary. Now in this movies defence, there are plenty of good horror movies that are similar in plots and ideas such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th. 


I have a lot of emotions about this movie and really want to go see it when it comes out. I think that it will either be a total hit or a total bust. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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