Week 18 A movie that made you cry

Well hello, if  you know me….everything makes me cry. No not because I am a sad mess but because as my mom says, “Izabella, your heart’s too big for this world and you wear it on your sleeve.” I am made fun of all the time by friends, family and sometimes strangers in movie theaters because there are so SO many movies that make me cry. So think week I thought I would not just review one movie. Without further a due please clap your hands for:


NUMBER 5: CHARLOTTE’S WEB (2006)Image result for CHARLOTTE'S WEB live action

So this movie I saw in theaters when I was pretty little, I was about 6 when this movie came out and I remember just losing it in the theater. My mom was trying her best to just calm down a child screaming due to a dead spider and I really respect her for that but I just remember her telling me I was making a scene; this made me cry more. About 6 years later, we read the book in class and I was just fine. We also watched the cartoon which once again I was proud about because I was not a total mess. So when announced that we were gonna watch this version I was on top of the world cuz I was almost a fifth grader and fifth graders didn’t cry because of a dead spider. Well I had a meltdown in class and was politely asked to leave the class. I have not watched this movie since. 

NUMBER 4: MARLEY AND ME (2008)Image result for MARLEY AND ME

Once again, my mom took me to this movie. We walked into the theater and my mother looks me in my 8 year old eyes and goes ‘Izabella, the dog is going to die and you need to be prepared’. This was the best pep talk I have ever gotten to this day; but boy, not only was I not ready but my mom was not ready either. The dog did in fact die, but in the saddest freaking way possible and my mom and I cried for the last half and hour of the movie and almost the whole way home. Once again, I have not seen that movie since. 

NUMBER 3: TITANIC (1997)Image result for titanic movie

This movie hits me really really hard. I really like this movie because it is a real story (and I am a history nerd), it is written very well and I am a sucker for a good ol’ love story. I can watch this whole movie… until the end scene where they meet in the staircase. I’m gonna be honest as I write this, I am starting to tear up. This part is just so great! If you are unfamiliar with this, when the old lady dies at the end, her and Jack meet up again in heaven at the staircase where they met in the Titanic. I just…. that’s enough. I am done talking about it. Next movie please.


Yes I am one of those girls who cried, aggressively, at The Notebook. Believe it or not, this makes me cry harder than Titanic. Just to love someone so much and for them not remembering it and YOU JUST HAVE TO TELL THEM EVERYTHING! I’m sorry, this is a hard post to write. We went to South Carolina a few springs ago and we didn’t have time to go to the place this movie was taped and I was angry for like a week. This is that movie that everytime it is on, I complain about it as I watch the whole thing and down a tub of ice cream. Everyone reacts very different to this movie because it is the best love story of all times; some people cry, others get inspired and other just want to stab their eyes out. I was talking about this to my friend and a boy in my class turned to me with the most serious face ever and said, ‘That movie is ass simply because I not only cried, I UGLY cried” and then went on with his day. But no, this is number 2 for a reason, just like the boy in my math class, I also ugly cry.

NUMBER 1: STAND BY ME(1986)Image result for stand by me

Ok, just please hear me out. When I was in third grade I saw this for the first time and I thought I was the coolest cuz this was the first R rated movie I saw so I thought I was a a little badass. But as I got older, I realized the real meaning behind this movie and that although not everybody in your life will stay in your life, you will never forget them. So this is my favorite movie so naturally I watch it when I am sad, or when I am happy or whenever I just need to watch it. It makes me cry the hardest than any movie on this list just because what it means to me. That bond of friendship is so amazing and for Chris and Gordey to have that no matter what kind of life they are living. I love this movie so much and I do watch it when I need to cry because I know it will do the trick JUUUUST fine.

I would like to just have a little shout out to my mom: She showed me all these movies and is the one to always bring up the staircase scene from Titanic or the Notebook ending right before family or friends come over so I cry. No really, she is the best and I love her so much cuz although she laughs at me the most when I cry, I know that she does it because she sees the goodness in me. Thank you mom and I love you! I hope you guys liked this different type of review and if you guys liked it let me know in the comments and I can do some more movie lists like this. 

My beautiful mother and I doing the king of the world scene from Titanic 

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