Week 16 A movie with an antonym in the title

From Dusk Till DawnRelated image

Release Date: Jan 19th 1996

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino 


 Okay, I think I may have just watched the greatest movie of all times! I was having a hard time finding a movie that I could watch within like a two hour span that also fit the category, and then I found this freaking jem on Netflix! For people who are unsure, an antonym is the opposite: Ex) Day and night.  Good and Bad. Dusk and dawn. Well I watched this movie and it was amazing.

From Dusk Till Dawn is a movie about two criminal brothers that are trying to get over to mexico to met a guy who has money for them. Once the brothers force a family to get them across the border to meet their guy, things start to take a turn for the worst and get a little ‘batty’; the bar where they are supposed to meet is a bar full of vampires!!! YA! YOU READ THAT RIGHT, VAMPIRES!

The first hour of this movie is so cool and badass! It is full of action and suspense. Ritchie and Seth(the two brothers) are doing everything they can to get to Mexico but Ritchie just keeps messing it up and Seth is having a hard time keeping up with him. Ritchie is played by Quentin Tarantino and holy crap does he do a good job. He is a creepy rapist/killer (in the movie!) and I don’t think anyone else could have played this character. Tarantino is weird looking the way it is, give him glasses and a gun and you have the scariest person in the world. Now Seth has his killing under control and is really the leader of this duo. Seth is played by George Clooney who is honestly not my favorite, but holy mackerel does he do a good job in this movie. It is probably my favorite roll of his. He is scary, he is badass and he is just so cool! So the first half is just these two getting a family to take them to Mexico with super cool hitman tacktects. But once they get to Mexico things go down at the bar they stop at called ‘The Titty Twister”. Everyone who hangs out there is thirsty for blood… BECAUSE THEY ARE VAMPIRES!!!! How does a movie escalate to this extreme; one minute you are getting shot at and the next you are killing vampires with wooden stakes and condoms full of holy water! 

I 100% loved this movie and was glad that I got the chance to watch it! Easily it is a 10/10 for me! Go check it out, there are like three movies all together  and they also made a tv series. Just the idea of criminals killing a ton of people and then getting stuck in a vampire den in genious and really unheard of!! So freaking good! 

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