Pop Punk Sucks 2019!

Every year, some of the best bands from Minnesota come together to cover some of the greatest pop punk bands of all times… and the last two years this magical day has landed on 4/20; this special concert is dubbed Pop Punk Sucks! Being able to not only listen to new bands but being able to hear some music you already know is pretty damn cool! For the last 4 years, Pop Punk Sucks has been held at THE GARAGE in Burnsville MN. I have been going to Pop Punk Sucks for the last 3 years and every year it gets better and better. Tonight I got the chance to watch this wonderful concert with my friend Tina. Nancy with a Z was also supposed to come but because of her stupid job that doesn’t care about her or anyone, she was stuck working on a day she took off. There were four bands that covered tonight and they all did an outstanding job paying tribute to the bands they covered.

Band #1, Rigby (AKA Land Babies) Covering Babies in Toyland

So I have never EVER heard of Babies in Toyland so I was not quite sure what to expect. It sounds like they are more punk than pop punk by the way that Rigby covered their songs. This was a really energy filled set from the band and the crowd seemed to follow along. I did really like this set and the style of the two lead singers was amazing! They looked so cool and looked like they had a fun time doing their set! You can check out both Rigby and Babies in Toyland anywhere you really listen to music and if you are from MN Rigby tours pretty frequently so if you like what you hear there’s a good chance you can go see them live.

Band #2, Careful Gaze(AKA James Consumes Flat Earth)Covering Jimmy Eats World

Everyone knows at least one Jimmy Eats World song (The Middle for all the people out there that are like, ‘I don’t know that song.’ Look it up, you know it) and if your lucky two. Well I was lucky and knew two and Careful Gaze took the sound to a WHOLE different level. Jimmy Eats World has this very simple/original sound and Careful Gaze really added their own flare which in my opinion was a lot harder than Jimmy Eats World. It didn’t sound bad but I always thought Jimmy Eats World was very mild and easy to just kinda sway too and Careful Gaze brought more of a hard core sound to the songs. Again it wasn’t bad it was just a different type of sound that may not have been the best for covering this certain band. I have never listened to Careful Gaze so this might be the style that works for them.

Band #3, Absolutely Unsure(AKA The Tale Thus Far)Covering The Story So Far

So Absolutely Unsure has always held a spot in my heart because they were coving at the first year I went to Pop Punk Sucks and every year I feel like they grow as a band. It is great to see how they have changed musically and how everyone has changed as a person; every year the lead singer has a new haircut and color but continues to hold her strong, beautiful voice. All the bands that they have covered have been bands I do not listen to, but they seem to pull their covers off better and better every year. They have so much passion for the music they are playing that I don’t think it really matters what band they cover because they are just so good at what they do. Not only are they good at their music but they are just really good at having fun and pumping up the crowd. 

Band #4, Out of Sight Out of Mind(AKA Green Bay)Covering Green Day

May or may no be bias because of my Green Day obsession but I think that this band was the best tonight. All the bands kicked ass and did a great job but I just enjoyed this band the best. They were the last ones to play and they really ended the show well! Not only was the band good at singing the songs, the lead singer did such a great job creating a classic Green Day concert atmosphere. While watching him it honestly felt like I was watching Green Day live, and as the nerd I am that made me super happy! They also had the highest energy tonight not only on stage themselves but within the crowd. I mean it is not surprising because out of all the bands covered tonight Green Day is the biggest so people were more excited to jam to their music. I ended up buying an Out of Sight Out of Mind album and it is really great. So not only did they cover Green Day well they are really great with their own music. I will definitely be checking out more of their stuff cuz they were SUPER GREAT and they were are all super since people too! 

On the end note

Overall, all the bands rocks and all the musicians I talked to were so nice and so willing to take pictures for this blog. Thank you for all the bands I am so thankful for how cool you guys were! I had a blast and would highly encourage people to go to Pop Punk Sucks next year. It is a good first concert to experience at THE GARAGE and is just a complete blast!  All the bands that were mentioned in this post can be found on most places that music can be listened to (Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Etc…) so please go and support these local musicians and local music in general! 

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