Week 13 A comedy

Wet Hot American SummerImage result for wet hot american summer

Release Date: July 27th 200

Directed By: David Wain

Screenplay: Michael Showalter and David Wain

Well this weeks theme was easy; comedies are like my bread and butter! Comedy is such a big topic so I wanted to pick a movie that I could really review in depth other than just being like “It was funny… cuz it was a comedy.” I decided to pick Wet Hot American Summer because it is freaking hilarious and is really not like any other comedy out there. 

Wet Hot American Summer is basically a huge spoof on camp comedies. Almost every scene is something you have seen before in movies such as Meatballs but to an extra hilarious extent. One perfect example is when all the older camper end up going to town with Beth, the camp coordinator. All the kids jump in the back of the truck and it starts to become a classic goodtime music montage. After a few moments the vibe kinda changes and you see Beth and the campers start to go crazy by beating the crap out of an old lady, smoking pot, snorting cocaine and shooting up heroin. Just knowing that these are 17-18 year old teens with their adult camp counselor is so freaking funny to me! ( I added this clip cuz it is just solid gold and everyone should see it)


Image result for wet hot american summer town scene
https://youtu.be/zhKdtX8MFmc (link to the video)

That is basically the whole movie! It is so different from other comedies because this movie is more set up to be a drama but with its sarcastic intentions it becomes this wild and hilarious comedy. Everything is just so over the top that it creates that stupid comedy that I freaking love. 

The cast in this movie is so great, it could not have literally been any better. Here is just a list of people that are in the movie that have created a pretty good name for themselves: Amy Poehler as Susie, Paul Rudd as Andy, Bradley Cooper as Ben, Elizabeth Banks as Lindsay, Molly Shannon as Gail, Joe Lo Truglio as Neil, Kevin Sussman as Steve, A.D Miles as Gary, Christopher Meloni as Gene the weird camp cook and last but not least H. Jon Benjamin who voices the can of vegetables. I love seeing goofy comedies with big names in them cuz you know even if the movie is 100% trash that you are going to be getting some pretty good acting out of the deal so it is not all bad, but that is not the case for Wet Hot American Summer; all the aspects are amazing and it is easily a classic. 

Getting a little off topic, Netflix has created 2 different mini series that followed the campers 10 years before they go to camp and 10 years after they leave camp. Although the cast is old and equally great, the shows were not the best and were a little disappointing. 

I have seen this movie like 15 times in the last 6 months and it never gets old! Overall I would give it a 9/10. I acually love how stupid it is but that it has everything that acually makes a great movie such as the cast and a good script. This movie is on Netflix and almost everyone has Netflix now a days so there is not excuse to why you should not go and watch this movie.

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