Week 12: A silent film

Falling LeavesImage result for fallingleaves movies

Release Date: Mar 15th 1912

Directed By; Alice Guy-Blaché



I have only seen 4 silent movies in my life:One being this movie that makes an exciting 11 minutes, one being A Trip to the Moon that makes an exciting 18 minutes and then the other two acually being normal movie length; Nosferatu and Steamboat Bill Jr. So as you can tell, I am no silent film expert.  I was excited to see this as a category cuz I secretly do want to become a silent film expert. 

So I was trying to find a movie on Netflix cuz this week has been crazy and I had to watch my movie for this week. Well I found a ‘serious’ on Netflix called Pioneers: First Woman Filmmakers and there are a ton of different silent films by women ranging from 70 minutes to 11. It is super cool and I really want to push myself to watch more movies from this collection to help me not only get a sense of female filmmakers but a sense about silent films.

This was the most pure movie I have acually every seen. Think of the sweetest thing in the world and times it by like ten. The whole concept of the movie is that there are two sisters and the older sister ends up getting sick. The doctor comes in and tells the family that when the last leaf falls, the eldest daughter will be dead. The younger sister, Trixie, is trying to think of everything she can to save her sisters life and finally thinks of a plan; if she goes outside and puts all the leaves on string and hangs them back on the tree than her sister will never die. HOW FREAKING SWEET IS THAT!!!!! In the end, while Trixie was trying to put all the leaves on the trees she runs into Dr. Earl who has a cure for her sister. In the end everything is great, everyone is alive and Dr.Earl and the older sister fall in love. 

I loved this movie so much because of all its components. I loved the music. Silent films are very reliant on their music and the music really did the movie justice here. It was mostly piano and was just very warm sounding. The acting from the little girl who played Trixie was really great. She was the main character and couldn’t have been more than like 7 in this movie so creating so much depth for a movie with no words takes a lot of skill especially from a little kid. 

Overall I thought this movie was pretty good and was just super sweet; it made me just feel so good and happy! I would give it a 9/10. For being an older movie with no words, it really pulled its freaking weight. I loved the story, the music and the acting from the young cast. Go watch this movie on Netflix cuz it is wholesome and go check out the rest of the movies from this collection cuz woman filmmakers are pretty badass! 

2 thoughts on “Week 12: A silent film

  1. I always wait for your blogs but as far as silent movies go I am not into that so I will not be watching any silent movies


  2. I always wait to read your blog but his first silent movie goes I am not into that so I will not be watching anything That does not have words in it


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