BlacKkKlansman review

BlacKkKlansmanImage result for blackkklansman

Release date: Aug 10 2018

Director: Spike Lee

Screenplay: Spike lee and a crap load of other people


GUYS! I loved this movie. I wanted to see this so bad but once again, nobody wanted to go with me and I was not 17 yet and could not go see it alone. This movie was not what I was expecting at all and I was highly surprised with the way the film was executed.

BlacKkKlansman is a true story about how the first black cop on the Colorado Spring police station, Ron Stallworth creates his own case and ends up getting accepted to the KKK. He obviously can not attend any of the meetings so he ends up sharing the case with Jewish cop Flip Zimmerman who goes to the Klan meetings to get all the inside details. From just reading that summery it is crazy to think that this acually happened and how brave Stallworth was during these aggressive times. 

The thing that I liked the most about this movie was the fact that every group was being represented one way or another. We have the group of black college students who are preaching ‘Black Power’; believing that every cop is a racist pig. Then on the other side we have the KKK men and their families who are preaching ‘White Power’; believing that every black person is a terrorist and disgrace to America. But then finally we have Ron in the middle who is fighting for everybody. He states that,  “I am a cop, but that does not mean that I do not care about my people.” Ron is looking to create just an equal rights movement ; not just white rights and not just black rights but rights for everyone.

Nobody else on the planet could have played Ron like John David Washington. I can’t believe his acting in this movie. He had the walk, the look and the passion; without him as our main character I think the movie would have lost the power that Spike Lee wanted to embrace. 

The ending of the film was followed by a ton of footage from recent riots and stuff that was about this exact problem. And just like they movie there were clips for all sides. The white neo nazis, black power movement and then just civil human rights activists. It tied everything up and really brought the connection that some of these things are still happening today to many people with many different backgrounds. 

I would give this movie honestly a 10/10. I loved it and really have nothing bad to say about it. I loved the way that it was structured and the overall message of just fighting for what you believe in and that everybody is equal. This movie had action, history and comedy; things that everyone in the family can enjoy. I really just liked this movie and think that Spike Lee did an amazing job. 

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