A Star is Born review

A Star is BornImage result for a star is born

Release date: Oct 5th 2018

Directed by: Bradley Cooper


I finally got the chance to see this movie and it was pretty damn good! I wanted to see this so bad when it first came out but just never got the chance to. It was worth the wait! I think it was even better after seeing all the live performances from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and seeing all the awards that this movie/the actors won. It was a drama, romantic feel good movie.

First of all, the cast was amazing. Lady Gaga is one of my favorite singers and has been since I was just a little girl; her style is not pop nor rock and roll, it is simply just Lady Gaga. She has such a story and is a huge inspiration to me so seeing her act in a movie was super exciting! I also love Bradley Cooper and to hear that he not only played in the movie but directed, wrote songs and did almost everything else in between made it even better. The main actors were not the only cast members that made this film, there were so people in there that I was so excited to see such as: Sam Elliott, Shangela the drag queen, Dave Chappelle and Andrew Dice Clay. It is crazy to see all the big names they can shove into one movie. 

Now for the component that everyone has been freaking out about (including myself) for the last 6 month; the soundtrack. The music in this movie is so… freaking… GOOD! I listened to the soundtrack before watching the movie and loved it and then watching the movie and knowing the songs was pretty sweet. It is so good to see that 90% of the songs that come out of this movie were written by Gaga and Cooper; it gave the movie just a really special feel. Another cool thing is that this soundtrack and even individual songs have won tons of awards. Shallow won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media, Critics Choice for Best Original song and finally the Grammy for Best Duo Performance. THAT IS JUST FOR THE SONG SHALLOW!! THERE WERE SO MANY OTHER AWARDS THAT THIS SOUNDTRACK GOT!!

The one downside of the film was that without the cast and the music, it would have been no good. There were parts of the movie that were kinda hard to follow and everything happened so quickly that if there was no music is would have been boring as all hell. But thankfully the music was there and that created an unforgettable movie. 

Finally I loved the end of the movie even though it made me cry. I loved how Ally is up on stage singing I’ll Never Love, obviously having a tough time, and then it cuts to Jack singing it to her at the piano as tears roll down her face. It officially ends when Ally is done singing and the camera just lingers on her watery eyes for at least 30 secs then the credits roll!! How awesome and amazing is that!?!
I would give this movie a 7.5/10. I really just loved the music and the love between Jack and Ally that was there throughout the whole movie. I just wish the story itself would have been a little more pronounced and didn’t have to rely on the music and cast so much. I will definitely be buying this on DVD and will watch it at least 50 more times. 

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