Greta Review

GretaImage result for Greta movie

Release Date: Mar 1st 2019

Director: Neil Johnson

Screenplay: Neil Johnson and Ray Wright 


We are looking at a great year of movies with such films as Toy Story 4, Child’s Play, Pet Sematary, Dumbo, Rocketman and the one I am most excited for…. IT Part 2. Another movie that I highly anticipated for this year was the movie Greta– a thriller drama about an old french lady that is looking for a daughter figure and will do anything to achieve that attention from Frankie, the young girl that returned Greta’s purse. My grandpa, mother and I are total movie nerds and this was a movie my grandpa and I were ready to see (my mom said it looked dumb and that she didn’t want to see it).

Honestly, it was a little upsetting. This was the first new movie of the year I was going to see; this one kicked off everything and I wanted it to just be so unbelievably good and it just didn’t make it. Greta was an hour and forty minutes and the first hour and ten minutes were a total snooze fest!! It was so dry and it was basically just an oversaturated and unneeded backstory. It was focused a lot Greta’s backstory with her daughter and Frankie’s backstory with her mother. Just like every movie, something goes wrong and Frankie sees all the trap purses Greta has to lure her victims in and knows she needs to get out of this relationship. This ends with Greta aggressively (and I mean AGGRESSIVELY) stocking Frankie and her roommate until Frankie finally comes up with a huge lie that will hopefully distance her from Greta. AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES THIS GOES ON! I EXPLAINED IT IN A SMALL PARAGRAPH THAT TOOK YOU MAYBE 30 SECONDS TO READ! It was just so long and boring. On the brightside since the movie was dry as a bone, once the action hit it hit like 1000% harder and freaking rocked!! The ending was so cool once Greta got Frankie all to herself. It was bone chilling and suspenseful; a polar opposite from the first part. I wanted more of that from the movie as a whole, not just the ending.

The lady that played Greta (Isabelle Huppert) was scary as all living hell even when she was all normal at the beginning. She did a great job and kinda made the movie scary in that goosebumps kinda way. I feel like the girl that played the roll of Frankie (Cholë Grace Moretz) could have been a little stronger during certain parts. One moment she would be really living in that part and expressing the character and other times she was as lifeless as she was in the movie Carrie (2013). 

Lets just say this was not exactly how I wanted to year of movies to be kicked off, but it could have been A LOT worse. I would give this 5/10. If you have time to kill and like that slow burn then take a chance and go catch this flick. Again it was not horrible but I just expected more from it. 

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