Week 4: A movie recommended by a friend

The Cell

Release Date: Aug 17th 2000

Directed by: Tarsem Singh

Screenplay by: Mark Protosevic

Image result for the cell movie

Okay so here is the deal. I got to spend the weekend with my Aunt Cree and my Uncle Tony and they told me we had to watch this movie, so it was technically recommended by a friend. But here is the kicker, I ended up falling asleep and not finishing it. So I am going to review what I saw and maybe someday I will finished the movie and add to my review.

So I loved all the effects. Holy cow! This was a movie that had some of the best effects of all times. Everything was just so clear and sharp it was insane. This movie would be amazing to watch almost in a movie theater or in a really nice home theater. One thing that was also cool about this movie was that I felt like it was a mix of Sci Fi and thriller. We have this futuristic technology suit that allows J-Low(thats Jennifer Lopez😉) to enter people’s minds. That was how it starts and I was just not feeling it cuz I thought it was gonna be all about science and technology which isn’t my bag. But then we have this other plot where there is a crazy serial killer. Now that is my kind of movie. These two things eventually end up coming together  to find out why the killer is doing what he is doing and if there is a way to stop him. This is really all I remember. I know this is a pretty lame review but it is what I got. I had a long week of finals, concerts and improv meetings so, this is what I had time for. Hopefully I will get the chance to finish this movie because what I saw was very interesting and super great. The effects were there, the plot was there and the cast was there.  I promise I will have a better review next week!

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