Week 2: A movie you started but never finished

Animal House

Release Date: July 28th 1978

Directed by: John LandiRelated image

This was a movie that for many years was on the short list of movies I was not allowed to see til I was a little older (the only two movies still on this list are Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the original I Spit on Your Grave from 1978).  I finally got the blessing about a year ago and purposely went out that day and overpaid for a copy at a little antique shop. I started it with a friend and she got bored so we shut it off. Watching it now, I don’t understand how you can get board! It is just, amazing. I am not in college yet, but  after seeing this movie I have some pretty high expectations! The plot was so simple that adding in funny things must have been a cake walk, or should I say a cake parade! The ending scene was by far the best and I think I liked this so much cuz your stereotypical movie were the bad group gets kicked out, they all eventually get to come back and it’s a somewhat happy ending. In Animal House that does not happen but instead there is an awesome revenge scene! The cake float was brilliant and made me laugh everytime it appeared on screen. The cast also really made the movie. John Belushi did an amazing job as being… well John Belushi. Crazy, hilarious and always ready to party. There is really nothing else I have to say other than it was worth the wait to see this classic. It was so funny and just had a really engaging plot line that made me want to shout! I give this 70s college flick 9/10 and would seriously recommend to anyone who has a funny bone.


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