The Lemon Twigs: Go To School Album Review

The Lemon Twigs

lemon twigs I want to go to school

Album: Go to School

Release date: Aug 24th 2018

Label: 4AD


I really enjoy this band and I was super excited to hear that they came out with a new album! Their hit song, ‘I wanna Prove to You’ from their debut album ‘Do Hollywood’ was the first song of theirs I had heard and have really been in love with this band since. They are two very creative brothers (Brian and Michael D’Addario) who are really straying away from the normal pop music bullcrap and are just trying to make their own music and have fun while doing so.

   Lets begin with the art of this album. I think it is just completely gorgeous. I love the colors and the line where the sky and the sand meet because that line is extremely clean while everything else around it is artistically sloppy. Also the font was a perfect choice for the piece with the way that it flows into the clouds in the sky. And lets not forget what appears to be a freaking monkey in the bottom left corner! A MONKEY! Monkey’s are God’s favorite animals so it has to be a great album right? All in all,  this is a very creative cover that has the right color palette that really draws in a crowd. I would simply just pick this up and look at it if I saw it in a record store.

The sound that this album gives off is classic Lemon Twigs. It is a strange kind of 70s sounding rock music. It’s something completely original that no other band really shares. There is a lot of full sound coming from the band itself. They have great rock beats with the drums and great rock guitar licks. What I really like is that they use lots of piano in their stuff too. It all really blends well and all the components fit well in the sound of the Lemon Twigs.

This album is supposed to be telling a story (hence the note on the cover that says “A Musical: by The Lemon Twigs). The story line is so freaking clear!!! The first few times I listened to this I had a hard time really connecting the story, but after the like 3rd listen I am like ‘I GET IT ALL!! THERE’S A MONKEY AND HE’S GOING TO SCHOOL AND THIS IS HIS LIFE STORY!!!’

The way the album is organized is perfect. With the starting song, ‘Never in my Arms, Always in my Heart’ sets the whole stage very nicely. Because the band has so many different sounds and different sides to their personality, this song gave you a little hint of all the things you would be hearing on this album. It then had a rise with songs like ‘The Student Becomes the Teacher’ and ‘Rock Dreams’ which is literally a song about a family adopting a monkey and sending him to school. It hits a middle point with the song ‘The Bully’ where it is not rising or falling. The song has a very happy rock sound with horns and the sound of a whole marching band but a very deep message about this monkey(his name is acually Shane)  waiting for his school bully in the bathroom and other parts of the school. After ‘The Bully’ we hear the fall with the song ‘Lonely’ (my personal favorite on the album). I think I like this song so much because it has the sound of a song you should be dancing to at a cheesy school dance. It starts slow and stays slow but adds more emotion and more passion along the way.  I also love it cause it REALLY has that 70’s sound that I have been growing up with. That is the real fall of the album cause right after we are at an upbeat tempo once again just rocking the night away! I love that cuz sometime albums can have such a hard fall that you just feel down in the dumps when it starts to rise again. It’s like, “I just listened to like 5 sad/sappy love songs and now your giving me 2 more rock songs and the albums over?” 2 songs is not enough time to recover from a heart full of 5 sad songs!

The last song on the album, ‘Go to School’ was a great end to this great album. The high and low voice range was something we have never heard from the D’Addario brothers and having it be the home run at the end of the game was killer!  It is also even cooler to know that the low voice was recorded by their father. I think that waiting till the end to expose this new sound of the band really will benefit them in the future and the future of their sound.

Overall I give this album an 9/10.There was really no flaws in this album and is really something special.

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