Nick Costa Album Review

Album: Live at the Warming Housea1916993610_16

Release Date: Oct 17th 2018

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4onthefloor Site

So I am not bias, but my best friend Nancy(with a Z) Costa has Nick Costa as a brother and his album is freaking off the walls amazing!  He not only does his own thing but he is the guitar player for the well known Minnesota band 4onthefloor who got the chance to have their song “All My Friends” represent the Minnesota Super Bowl last year. I received this album and a Nick Costa t-shirt from Nancy for Christmas and it was a blessing to get this as a gift. The whole album is recorded live at the Warming House in Minneapolis Minnesota, a hot spot for Minnesotan artists. This album contains so many emotions and with it being live I think that just gives it an even bigger impact on his audience. Plus there is some small commentary in between songs that are pretty funny and great. I loved this album so freaking much and listen to it all the time. Now I found this a little bit strange because this album is… well really damn sad!! And all the music is acoustic and slow and that is not something I normally enjoy too much, but this time I did! The album could have used at least maybe one song to kick things up, but sometimes there is nothing that is kicked up and worth writing about. I acually got Nick himself to sign my cd and all he wrote was: “Sorry for all the sad. Nick Costa.” So I mean, he knows what this album is about and why it is the way it is. Although most of the music is sad, some songs give off a very at peace vibe. Like, ‘I have been through hell and back but its all cool cuz I just wrote a whole album about that time and I know at least one person is out there enjoying it so it’s all cool!’ I get this feeling from songs such as ‘New Normal’. It feels like he is reaching out for that peace and he is slowly gaining it. I don’t know cuz I physically don’t know anything about love so I could be getting that totally wrong… but it’s still a great song. My favorite song off this album (which is probably the saddest off this album) is ‘Amber Eyes and a Box a Jewls.’ Although I don’t know much about love, I have definitely had my heart crushed by friends and fictional people on TV and in movies and this song captures that hurt. The chores hits you like a freaking bus, but then it also makes me look at the incident as the glass half full. Like, ‘look at all the fun we had and all the memories we did have.’ It is a great song that almost everyone can connect to in some which way shape and or form. Another song I just want to touch base on quickly is the song ‘Still on My Mind’.  Having someone or something on your mind all the time and not being able to get it out on the page and out to that person(or thing) is painful and Costa really gets that across. So this song I think is just so brilliant in that way!

His voice is so smooth and original and I think that is another reason that I liked this slow, acoustic record. His voice pulled me in and that is something a lot of people don’t have.

All in all, I give this record an 8/10. It was pretty great and even greater cuz of its live aspect and its very clear message that it is trying to get across.

Please go check out Nick Costa and 4onthefloor, they are both just awesome!! And thank you Nick for signing my record and thank you Nancy for getting me this gift!


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