Fresh Start!

Hello!! If you are familiar with my blog, then welcome back! It has been a rough switch to this new platform but I did it! And if you are new, Welcome! So the whole backstory is that I wrote a blog on Blogger for about 6 months but since I have no idea how the internet works I didn’t realize how old Blogger really was. I got a notification that said my blog would be deleted because Google+ was going thru changes and Blogger was going away. Lets just say it was a very sad moment. But here here I am, working with WordPress which has been a struggle to work with but I am slowly getting used to it. This blog might be kinda messy for a while but thank you for supporting my art and reading my crazy blog! I am working to repost all my old posts ASAP so ya’ll can read and enjoy them for many years to come. Thank you all once again and this is just a fresh start for Anything and Everything Blog!!! Izabella Zadra


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