Flatliners Review


Release Date: Aug 10th 1990

Director: Joel Schumacher

Screenplay by: Peter FilardImage result for flatliners 1990

When you live in Minnesota, there are days were it gets SO COLD that they acually cancel school. Today and tomorrow are those days so that means I have not gotten out of my PJ’s and have been watching many movies and lots of Youtube. One of the movies that my mom and I have watched (so far) has been Flatliners. This movie is about a bunch of medical students that figure out a way to kill themselves then bring themselves back to life. The whole point of their experiment is to find out what is on the other side. Heaven, Hell or anything in between.

The mastermind behind this whole plan is Nelson played by Kiefer Sutherland. He is also the first person to go flatline. It was interesting to see all of his buddies telling him how risky this is and how he could lose his life, but once Nelson comes out alive and successful, everyone wants to follow and hopefully become famous for participating in these experiments. The things the human race will do for fame.

After Nelson comes back he starts to experience flashbacks of childhood and all the trouble he created for a little boy in his neighborhood. Without telling anyone about these crazy visions, three more people decide to go flatline each for longer amounts of time. All these people start to experience there own crazy visions and realize that they had messed with something they shouldn’t have and that their sins were coming back to haunt them. 

I really liked this movie cuz it dealt with science and religion and personally those are some of the most interesting kinds of movies EXAMPLES: Dogma, Spiderman, The Exorcist, Weird Science, Frankenstein and many many more. It was just super engaging and super smart! I also liked the only guy that didn’t go under but was just kinda there helping and then was always in a panic. I didn’t think it was going to have such a deep plot when I first started watching it. I kinda thought it was gonna be like we found out this way to kill ourselves and then how to come back so now we are gonna show all our friends and things are gonna go wrong. Having there be side effects to going flatline really pushed this movie the extra mile. And it didn’t end there either, they all had to fight there sins some of them having an easier time than others. This wasn’t a scary movie but as my mom would call it, it is a movie that makes ya think. You can’t just watch this movie like a comedy, you have to be focused and really think about what is happening to the characters of the story. I also liked how the movie ended because it could have gone like three different ways so those last 15 min you are ready to just fall out of your chair. I give this movie a 9/10. It was super enjoyable, had an amazing cast and really had elements that could target all types of movie watcher. 

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