Bohemian Rhapsody

This movie was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. It was truly a cinematic masterpiece. Rami Malek really hit the nail on head with his performance as Freddie. Everything from his movements, his posture and the way he just happens to look a lot like Mercury added to the fact that Freddie Mercury was a one of a kind guy with a one of a kind personality.

The movie starts off with one of the greatest Queen songs ever written, Somebody to Love. What a great way to start! We see Mercury getting ready with his cats and then we see him get ready for the Live Aid. To start with the ending scene is a bold choice and really made the impact that needed to be made about the birth of Queen. This hooked me right in and was just an amazing way to start off this movie.

In this movie Freddie holds so many relationships that made him the legend he became.

His relationship with his Parents: All the scenes in his family’s home and with his parents really showed how hard he worked to follow his dreams and do the things he loved. His father had so much doubt in him and wanted him to follow, “Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.” As the movie came to an end and I found myself back in Freddie’s home, I found so much closure between him and his father. Just knowing (at least in the movie) his last words to his father were, “Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds” not only makes me want to cry like a baby but also warms up my heart like no tomorrow. PLUS this was also the scene where he told his mother he was going to blow her a kiss on stage and he did and I almost left the theater to call my mom and tell her how much I love her.

His relationship with his bandmates: There would be no Queen without the rest of the band and Freddie knew that. Through the movie they all call themselves one big family. They kept each other sain and they made each other crazy! In the end when Freddie went to go do the Live Aid he realize his faults and that he would be nothing without his three best friends at his side. They way he treated them haunted him and you tell he wanted to make things right. This also brings up the aggressive emotions I felt when Freddie told his friends about his AIDS. You could not only feel the pain in the eyes of the actors but you could somehow feel how Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon felt when this happened in real life.

His relationship with Mary: OH PLEASE DON’T GET ME THINKING ABOUT MARY!! There love story is so sweet and perfect and watching it all crumble really hurt! Like, I really don’t know what else to say! I felt my heart break into like 10 individual pieces! In the end, it was super nice to know that they stayed best friends and really did love each other. The best part of this movie I thought was the moment when Freddie was playing Love of My Life at the Live Aid and they zoomed in on Mary’s watery eyes. This hit me like a MAC truck for various reasons. First off, I knew he was gonna die soon and everyone else sitting in that theater knew… BUT MARY DIDN’T KNOW AND I JUST WANTED TO SCREAM AT HER RIGHT THROUGH THE SCREEN!!!! They made her look so beautiful and that made it even harder not to cry like a 7 year old. She made his so freaking happy and she didn’t realize that till the end when his time was running short.

His relationship with… FREAKIN’ PAUL: Paul was a total jerk and he was just not cool. I had an instant hatred for him. He turned Freddie into such a jerk and I think the movie really showed that. We were all expected to go see a movie and feel good about what a great guy Freddie Mercury was, when in reality the movie made him look kinda bad for a good amount of the film. But this was a moment in his life and the way the director made him look bad was just thickening the plot and expressing the way Freddie changed from the start to the end.  Thank the Lord he left Paul and realized how much better off he was without this dude

Another thing that was highly important to the plot and feel of the movie was the music (DUH). I was worried that they were just gonna through a ton of Queen songs in places that didn’t need a Queen song but it was all laid out super nicely and sounded super smooth. As I mentioned earlier, to start the movie with Somebody to Love was amazing because it is pretty well known but you know people were expecting the movie to start with something like We Will Rock You or We Are the Champions. The importance that the song Love of My Life played in this movie was unbelievable! Mary played such a huge roll in Freddie’s life that seeing how important that song was to him and how much time he put into it really shows what he was feeling at this time in his life.

I do not know how they did it, but let’s talk about the Live Aid scene at the end. Holy crap! The whole movie was a build up to this moment. The look and the sound of the crowd was amazing, the sound of the band was amazing and Malek as Mercury was amazing! Just like any story, our main character went through a whole lot of stuff that we didn’t think he was gonna get through and although he still had a problem to worry about, he went out their and did the best he could do and changed the world. He looked his problems in the eyes and kicked their butt!

Now, we all knew how the movie was gonna end but they way the director ended it was gonna be the surprise. It ends, Freddie standing on the stage showing the world what he had made of himself. The sound of cheering gets loud and fades out and the screen fades to black. A big dedication to Freddie Mercury comes on the screen explaining how he lost his battle with AIDS. I am very glad that they didn’t put all that in the movie cuz A) I think it would have been SOOOOOOO sad and B) I think it would have just added some unneeded footage. Ending it where Freddie was at his peak was a great way to end and that is how Mercury would have wanted it.

Overall, this movie was a straight up masterpiece. Everything from the acting to the script to the history behind the film made this a perfect movie. Every one of those things worked together so well to create a movie that is being marketed as a comedy/drama when we all know its a comedy/drama/documentary/ love story/feel good/coming of age/inspirational movie that is going to be talked about for a long time.

Anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter because this movie is a piece of art that I believe will break free and see many awards in its future.


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