52 Week Movie Challenge!!!

Many people have New Year’s resolutions such as going to the gym more or starting a diet, but my list of resolutions look a little different:

Image result for film reel

  • Look at the world as glass half full(be more positive)
  • Worry about myself
  • Learn how to use my camera
  • Write more

So I have seen a pretty good amount of movies in my life but between school and work and family time I feel like when the year is over and everyone is talking about Avengers and Spiderman and Toy Story 4 I am over here still talking up Bohemian Rhapsody. So this year, I am going to be taking a 52 week movie challenge. Each week there is a different criteria for a movie you need to watch. I will be reviewing the movies I watch every week (hopefully) throughout the year. Hopefully things go smooth and I don’t get too lazy!! This is one of many challenges I am going to be taking on this year on this blog so check here every week for my reviews!!

Happy New Year,


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